JULY 17, 1987


Cody, born on Six Nations (SN) of Grand Reserve, Ontario, began Junior League Box Lacrosse in 2002. In 2007, he led the SN Arrows to the 2007 title & was Series MVP. In 2008, he led in scoring & was League MVP. With the Major Series SN Chiefs, Cody led in scoring, was Rookie of the Year & MVP. At Onondaga Comm. College, he led the Lazers to 2 undefeated seasons & national titles (2006 & 07). In 2007, he led the nation in scoring, was MVP, NJCAA 1st-team All-American & Offensive Player of the Year, and won the Tom Longboat Award (Canada’s top aboriginal athlete). At Syracuse University, his overtime goal won the 2009 NCAA Division I Men’s title. Cody was drafted 1st overall by the NLL Rochester Knighthawks (now Halifax Thunderbirds) in 2010. He was 2011 title game MVP. In 2014, Cody led the NLL in scoring (108 points) & was MVP. In 2019, Cody was named to the Knighthawks’ All-Time Team. As of the 2022 season, he’s tallied 298 goals & 525 assists; in 24 playoff games, 38 goals & 57 assists.

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Photo: LtPowers, 6/5/2012. Rochester Nighthawks. Permissive Use.

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