JULY 18, 1857


Born March 12, 1810, in Kawaihae, on the island of Hawai’i, Young was son of Kaʻōanaʻeha, niece of Kamehameha I. He grew up as a close friend of Prince Kauikeaouli, who would become Kamehameha III. The friendship was damaged when Young was caught in the bedroom of the king’s wife, Queen Kalama, in 1839. A death sentence was only avoided through the intervention of Queen Dowager Kalākua Kaheiheimālie. Despite this, Young went on to hold several government positions, including service in the House of Nobles (1841–56), Privy Council (1845–57), Kuhina Nui (1845-55), and as Supreme Court Justice, Royal Governor of Maui, and Chamberlain of Kamehameha III’s household. Young aided in communication between Native Hawaiian and foreign elements in the community.  He died in Honolulu.

  “Keoni Ana,” State of Hawaii, Department of Accounting and General Services.  Retrieved 1/3/2022,
Department of Accounting and General Services | KEONI ANA (hawaii.gov)
Photo: Author unknown, circa 1850. Public Domain.   

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